About Us

What is the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary?
The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is the finest nature park in Barbados, with interpretive exhibits, trails and support facilities situated in the last significant mangrove and sedge wetland on the island of Barbados. It has been a major centre for environmental conservation, education and research.

Our mission is to work alongside environmental groups, activists, journalists and government officials who are interested in protecting the Graeme Hall Wetlands from pollution and development by: 

  • Creating awareness of the raw sewage dumping/contamination of the mangrove/wetlands, 
  • Pressuring the Government of Barbados to mediate the damage they have caused and commit it to proactive actions to ensure the protection of the green space.

Declare the 240-acre green space at Graeme Hall Swamp as a national park in Barbados, of which the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is a part.