Instructions to sign the petition

Thank you for your interest in the Graeme Hall National Park Petition. 

A properly formatted in-person petition is required in order to lay the petition before parliament and have the law enacted that requires their consideration of the petition request. Therefore, signatures must be obtained in handwriting via a printed template (attached below) and submitted one of two ways:   

1) Visit one of the following locations and ask the staff for instructions on how to sign the petition (click logo for address): 




**Only drop-off:


**When signing the petition, the address section MUST be filled out in order to be valid** 

2) To sign the petition individually or collect signatures around your communityplease download and print the document titled “Graeme Hall National Park Physical Petition.pdf” attached below, including all the pages. 

All sections on the form should be completed in order for signatures to be valid.    

Graeme Hall National Park Physical Petition.pdf

Then, contact us directly at for more information on how to submit it.