Importance for Barbadians

The Graeme Hall Wetlands (GHW) is the last significant mangrove forest on the island and home to at least 84 bird species, hosting the widest diversity of resident and migratory birds on the island, including locally threatened species.

10 reasons to support the declaration of the GHW as an OS2 Conversation Area and the establishment of management arrangements for Barbadians:

The GHW:

  1. Are the last remaining green space between Bridgetown and Oistins.
  2. Are a great place to spend time outdoors with the family and friends in a safe and central location. 
  3. Are a living laboratory where Barbadians and tourists alike can learn more about our local plants, animals, birds, fish and other wildlife. 
  4. Could provide economic development opportunities that will directly affect the community through increased traffic.
  5. Reduce air pollution and particulates in the atmosphere for the surrounding community. 
  6. Reduce flooding in the area and naturally filters water before it goes into the ocean.
  7. Provide a greenspace to help individuals decrease levels of mental unrest, stress and anxiety.
  8. Are a potential ecotourist site which could provide job opportunities for Barbadians.
  9. Are one of the best places for the Barbadians to enjoy nature and engage in physical activity/exercise. 
  10. Are the only RAMSAR site in Barbados designated as a Wetland of International Importance.

    Also, GHW have been identified by:

    1. Birdlife International - As an important Bird Area.
    2. Barbados’ Physical Development Plan Amended 2017 - Natural Heritage Conservation Area.
    3. Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Programme (CARICOMP) monitoring site - Designated as one of two monitoring sites in the Caribbean.